Video note-taking app for for Chromebook

Taking video note in Chromebook is simple, but powerful with Slid.

Take notes in any video from YouTube.

Slid extension is available in almost every website, including Youtube, Coursera, Udemy, Ted and more!

10,000+ Online learners are using Slid.

The ultimate necessary tool for those who seek to be video(online) learners. This is a fascinating tool. - Chrome extension review

Not having to switch windows/tabs every time a new slide appears in an online lecture is a subtle yet amazing convenience. - Chrome extension review

A must have tool for this video era! I can hardly imagine watching video lecture without Slid... - Blog review

I saved a lot of time with Slid... No need to capture, crop, paste anymore! All I need to do is just clicking. - Feedback review

Not just a note-taking tool.

Screenshot is the new note-taking. Capturing is simple, but powerful with Slid.

Already using a note-taking app? You can easily export notes from Slid.

Start capturing your knowledge today.

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